Game Show

Moks Nix Live is a variety game show, where "It Makes No Difference Because Everyone Wins!."  Contestants chosen randomly from audience and win prizes like, TVs, tablet, Ipads, money, and gifts from businesses 

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Souvenir Booklets

Moks Nix Live game show is offering to including your business into the November 30th Souvenir booklets. Just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Moks Nix Live game show provides Family entertainment the whole family can enjoy.  It’s a fun way to enlighten community about exciting events, products and services offered in local community and beyond via samples, gifts and coupons. Providing a new, interesting and fun outlet for families to have a good time and local companies and beyond to market their business.

Souvenir Booklet Signature Ad

Signature Ad $ 10.00

Souvenir Booklet Full Page

Full Page Ad $ 100.00

Souvenir Booklet Half Page

Half page Ad $ 50.00

Souvenir Booklet Business Card

Business Card Ad $ 25.00

Sponsorship Table

Vendor Table $ 50.00

Marketing Opportunities Include:

Vendor table:

​Preferred seating:

Discount Tickets:

Gift sponsor: announced as gift sponsor during live show

Social media: Business shout-outs via □Facebook, □ Twitter and/or □ InstaGram

Website promotions: Will include links to your business via website

Flyers: added as sponsor on printed and digital flyers
Marketing merchandise: Company added as sponsor to marketing merchandise, □ t-shirts □ bags  □ key chain pictures or □ other____________

Radio advertisement: added as sponsor via radio

Billboard marketing: added as sponsor via billboard marketing

Banner placement: Banner placed on stage throughout show banner displayed in lobby area

Mobile App sponsor: Company name added as sponsor link via mobile app

Game segment sponsor: Name announce as chosen game sponsor
Video commercial: Video commercial added to show line up
Fashion: Company’s apparel worn and announced by co-host during live show
Marketing material: Marketing flyers, Booklet and Coupons given to each customer in a bag 

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